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Welcome to Inspiring Kids To Success

Helping kids grow toward a better future. Helping them succeed for tomorrow.

Many decades have passed and without a doubt, we are living in an era where technology has dramatically inclined. With the inclination of technology, it is being used by many children in education.

Despite this wonderful advancement, our children lives are being greatly influenced. We at IKTS realize that the traditional ways of teaching and learning are gone. We view the advancement in technology as a more efficient way to present information and create a more hands-on method for teaching and learning; however, with the use of technology in the field of education, we have found problematic areas. First, there are a group of children, who has been eliminated from the use of technology, due to poverty and despair. These children are focusing on their next meal and shelter, rather than focusing on education and enjoying life. Problems like these can cause them to resort to stealing, bullying, and mugging. Their use of technology only occurs during school hours with a limit amount of time. IKTS will be an avenue to introduce technology in a controlled setting. Secondly, there is a group of children who are more likely to find themselves on sites that consist of sex, violence and crime. They have little adult supervision with lots of time to access negatives sites. Both groups of children have the opportunity to head down a road of destruction, if we do not create a preventive program.

Here is where we ask you to read and hear with your heart. You are needed to extend your hand, heart, and donation to save our children, who suffer day by day. IKTS wants the children to know; in spite of poverty, despair, and lack of guidance, we are here to help them through their difficult times.

Let us work together to save our kids from deprivation in each phase of their life. Again, we are Inspiring Kids To Success and we will lead, inspire, and succeed.






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